GIVE Project

  • 4/11/16 Decision: Motion to fund $8,800 for project GIVE with the understanding that:
    • IVTU would like GIVE to diversify their funding sources to include more non-AS entities and with the stipulation that they include the IVTU and AS logos on all marketing materials.


  • 4/4/16 Decision: Motion to fund $4,000 for “SparkCreative Events”, $1,200 for “Harmonic Light”, $600 for “Elizabeth Knights”, $300 for “Blank Extreme Entertainment”, $200 for event signage, $210 for “Miller Event Management”, $210 for Marborg Industries, $350 for “IVRPD”, and $95.05 for “” (total: $7,855.05) with the stipulation that: 
    • the promotion flyers be translated to Spanish and disbursed throughout Isla Vista, and
    • that Ambience fill out a risk-management report contingent on IVTU’s Finance Director’s questions

UCSB Family Student Housing

  • 4/4/16 Decision: Motion to fund $1500 for decorations, Floclorico performers, Mariachi, and food for the Cinco de Mayo Tardeada with the stipulation that:
    • IVTU is recognized as the official sponsor

ALPHA KAPPA PSI Business Fraternity

  • Amount Requested: $450 for Dinner With the Houseless
  • 2/8/16 Decision: Motion to allocate $450 to Alpha Kappa Psi’s Dinner with the Houseless event with the stipulation that:
    • IVTU is recognized as the official sponsor


  • Amount Requested: $40 for Meeting Food
  • 2/8/16 Decision: Motion to allocate $40 for the IV Self Governance Coalition meeting with the stipulation that:
    • IVTU is recognized as the official sponsor and food supplier


  • Amount Requested: $3,500 for 1950s Prom
  • 2/1/16 Decision: Fund $3500 for Queer Prom Funding with the stipulation that:
    • Queer Art Collective advertise IVTU as an alliance and resource for the Queer community
    • Reach out to the attendees at the Prom letting them know IVTU’s mission in combating housing discrimination

Afrikan Black Coalition Conference

  • Amount Requested: $4,100 for ABC Bloc Party
  • 1/25/16 Decision: Allocate $4100 for the Afrikan Black Coalition Conference 2016 with stipulation that
    • The applicants fill out the application on the IVTU website
    • The $200 allocated for the glow sticks is approved through Finance Board (Section 6.10 of the Financial Policies and Procedures)
    • The organization advertises the event throughout the community making it known to all members of the community